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 About the company


«Infoscreen» Ltd. is the largest operator in the market of information and advertising support for sales in drugstores, medical and prophylactic institutions (MPI). Since 2005 a team of 26 medical representatives, 5 regional managers and logistic staff have provided contract services with pharmaceutical companies, which includes informing the public about the achievements of these companies in the treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases. Visitors to drugstores, adult and children’s clinics, women?s health clinics and pharmacies can get commercial information about any of the drugs at more than 4000 stands.

At the same time, realizing their social responsibility the leaders «Infoscreen» Ltd. is involved in many social projects. We provide MPI with free information facilities — advertisement boards, information stands and participate in the resolving of economic problems of MPI of Ukraine. On our stands are placed over 1000 posters devoted to the health maintenance of the Ukrainian nation. 17 different types of posters are devoted to tuberculosis control, prevention of hypertension, allergies, alcoholism, cardiovascular diseases and others. A large number of letters of appreciation from the MPI administrators is an excellent proof of value for the cooperation between the MPI and «Infoscreen» Ltd. Business card of «Infoscreen» posters is a registered design of «LIKARINFORM» for posters which have been up more than a year on the walls of clinics located throughout Ukraine. Visitors and staff of medical institutions want to get to know the materials and wait for new issues.

Customers of «Infoscreen» Ltd. and community organizations can see on-line the actual stand locations all over Ukraine, to put value on qualitative and quantitative parameters, visibility of posters.

«Infoscreen» Ltd. places 4 main types of stands. All of them are A1 — wall-type, floor-type, window-type; luminescent and non-luminous.

Medical representatives of «Infoscreen» Ltd. place them using the merchandising laws:

  • In Pharmacies — They are placed for the maximum exposure of the target audience (shop window displays, walls, where the queue is), in places with the highest probability of purchase (receipt of advice) by target audience (near the place of payment).
  • In MPI — not more than 1.5 meters from a doctor room, in a place of visitor concentration — around the registries, halls, busiest stairwells, near the drugstores, in a places of handing over medical certificates.

As a result, information posters get in a zone of the targeted audience interested in receiving information about certain product.

Advantages of working with «Infoscreen» Ltd. are obvious and allow the effective use of this type of marketing persuasion:

  • The maximum exposure to the target audience
  • Controlled lifetime of advertising media
  • Advertising media is recognizable, loyalty of employees of pharmacies
  • High frequency of contacts with advertising message
  • Low cost of contact with the target audience
  • Aesthetic design of advertising media
  • Format A1 — a unique offer in the market
  • Possibility of individual planning of advertising campaign (choice of the city and type of drugstore, number and type of carrier)
  • Possibility of cross promotions (drugstore + MPI)
  • Wide address program which covers all of Ukraine at the same time or selectively (on customer’s request)
  • On-line monitoring of placement



4000 stands of A1 format

4 types of stands — wall-type, floor-type, window-type; luminescent and non-luminous

1,5 m — maximum distance to a doctor room in hospitals

 Do you want to know more?


If you have any questions, wishes or proposals you can call at any time by phone +38 (067) 657-09-03, which is on each stand at any point of Ukraine.

Also you can contact us:

  • Tel.: +38 (044) 200-11-98
  • Fax: +38 (044) 200-11-99

Visit us: 03150, Ukraine, Kiev, Bozhenko str., 86 g (г), 3 floor

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